Conscious MeetUps – Beta

In-Person or Web Meetings

Sat Apr 4, 2020 | Toronto Airport Area, CANADA
14:00-16:00 FREE: Registration for limited space of 10 spots


This site is committed to the support and continued practices of Echhart Tolle teachings.
A metro Toronto based local video clip viewing / book reading discussion & networking group.



Various Conscious MeetUps
In Metro Toronto

Conscious In-person or Virtual MeetUps is a model and one approach among many, in the creation of local self direct small group discussing and networking groups. Small video segment viewing and or book readings would be the format of the meetings. Specific topics can be highlighted for working through small group discussions. Individuals can share their interpretations, share their personal associated real life experiences, help others with their journey’s and walk away with having contributed to a collective genuine human connection network.

Official MeetUp Gatherings can be run similar to, is independent of but is run in conjunction with Eckhart followers can network with the aid of but creating there own events in small group location convenient to the demographics and conveniences of their region. The official site will be in sync with private get together.

Unconscious Anonymous MeetUps Similar to but not associated with AA, NA, SLAA Meetings etc this intent behind this approach is from the position that we are all human and “fall off the wagon” with our conspicuousness on a day to day basis. Consciously and dedicated to staying “clean” we can be aware of our conscious sobriety. This approach can follow a similar format and structure to AA, NA, SLAA meetings but is tailored specifically to the teaching of conscious awareness in our daily lives..

Pre-Recorded Video Excerpts by Eckhart Tolle

Video segments and book readings


Eckhart Tolle
Eckhart Tolle

Philosopher & Spiritual Teacher

Dina Dee Paige
Dina Dee Paige

Conscious MeetUp Hostess

The Next Conscious MeetUp Is
Sat Apr 4 2020 14:00-16:00 RSVP (RSVP closes 10:00)

Event is a preregistered event with room only space for only 10, as this is held in a private residence.
Registration is FREE however donations to cover administration costs and refreshments is appreciated.

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Where It’s At

Toronto’s West End near the Airport

Private Residence:
289 The Kingsway,
Toronto, ON, CANADA
M9A 3T7

Unit number and buzz code are provided with your
Registration and Donation.

Free parking is available at
Humber Town Plaza.